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#MindfulParenting: How to practice gender neutral parenting | Lifestyle

When it comes to parenting, we want the best for our children. We want them to aspire towards greatness and while they’re still young, we let them dream big. However, as they grow up – knowingly or unknowingly – we limit them to the gender roles and stereotypes laid down by the society. While we’re so fascinated by ‘modern’ parenting approaches, we often fail to adhere to them and continue to hold our daughters back and expose our boys to toxic masculinity. That said, it is time we bring a change in the way we raise our sons and daughters. In this video, Saakshi Singla, a child development expert and gender equality advocate, speaks to Etimes Lifestyle and elaborates on the ways parents can practice ‘Gender Neutral Parenting‘ and break away from the social construct that restricts both our boys and girls to a specific role.

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